Our Instructors


Mike has served as Park City Gun Club’s Director of Training for the past four years. Previously, Mike spent 22 years as a respected member of the Utah Highway Patrol, and served as the head of that organization’s SWAT division for nine years. He concluded his active law enforcement career as a Summit County Deputy Sheriff. Mike has extensive experience developing pistol, rifle, and shotgun training programs and is a key team leader for the development of the Park City Gun Club’s training curriculum. He is a certified NRA Instructor with extensive knowledge of firearms and is available to consult with customers concerning firearms purchases. Mike is available by appointment for private and group training sessions.

Michael (BUD) is a former Navy SEAL with over 6 years of active duty experience. Michael spent his career conducting FID (Foreign Internal Defense) to partner force nation(s) with a focus on weapons training and tactics. Michael is available to teach a wide range of firearm instruction from basic pistol and rifle education; how to safely operate and a variety of firearm systems offering a safe and educational lesson. Michael is also available for advanced weapons training; draw from the holster, speed and accuracy, remedial action drills, and combat reloads. Michael is available by appointment for training sessions.