Our Instructor(s)


Michael is a former special forces operator with over 6 years of active duty experience. Michael spent his career conducting anti-terrorism tactics/training and force protection to partner force nation(s) with a focus on weapons training. Michael is available to teach a wide range of firearms instruction from basic pistol and rifle education; how to safely operate and a variety of firearm systems offering a safe and educational lesson. Michael is also available for advanced weapons training; vehicle tactics, shooting and moving, low light shooting, obstacle course(s) and other training. Michael is available by appointment for training sessions.

Nick has been working in high threat executive protection for the last 9+ years. Being contracted by Secret Service, capital police, new Scotland yard and multiple government agencies for PSD. Nick also holds Executive driving and movement certifications. He has completed maritime security for counter piracy certifications and has experience performing PSD on Motor yachts as large as 279 ft vessels. Nick completes a minimum of 36 hours annually  of continuous education and completes quarterly qualifications to maintain armed security licenses. Currently Nick continues to work in executive protection alongside his role at Park City Gun Club of providing instruction and experience.