Classes & Training


Park City Gun Club is proud to offer private instruction for anyone who wants a more personal and/or specialized instruction. Our trained and certified instructors can tailor a lesson plan to fit your needs. If you are an experienced shooter, and think some of our classes may be too basic, this is a great option. Our instructors have enough combined knowledge and teaching expertise to refine just about anyone’s shooting. This is also a great option for the newcomer who wants an efficient way to get started. Please call us at the range for more information. 


PCGC Lesson(s)

Duration: 60 Minutes (Duration can be extended) 

Cost: $100 First shooter. $50 For each additional shooter

What it entails: Private instruction from our experienced instructors. Lessons are customized to meet shooters needs. Up to four shooters in a lesson. 


PCGC Premium lesson(s) 

Duration: 80 Minutes

Cost: $150 first shooter. $50 for each additional shooter

What it entails: First class-private instruction customized to meet shooters needs. 1 on 1 training utilizing a private range facility. Use of barricades, moving targets, and reactive targets. Modified lessons include shooting and moving, low light shooting, obstacle course(s), timed operator standard drills, and other advanced training. 


Course We Offer:


Tier 1 Defensive Handgun and/or Rifle (Indoor)

  • Safety brief
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Describe and discuss weapon functions
  • Front sight focus drill; Accuracy & Quick sight acquisition drill; Speed


Tier 2 Defensive Handgun and/or Rifle (Indoor)

  • Safety brief
  • Malfunction drill: Misfires and malfunctions (Failure to eject & failure to feed)
  • Magazine changes (Reloads)
  • Low light shooting 
  • Incoming threat (Address incoming targets) “The charging moose”

Tier 3 Defensive Handgun and/or Rifle (Indoor)

  • Safety brief
  • Draw from the holster
  • Barricaded shooting 
  • Injured shooter (Shooting single-handed & off hand)


Also Available: 


Utah Concealed Carry Permit Class – (Includes: pictures, fingerprints and required mail-in paperwork).


Vehicle Tactics (Outside)

  • Fundamentals
  • Shoot from areas of cover and concealment including inside/outside of the vehicle
  • Describe/discuss penetration of various calibers and firearms


  • Operate firearms in low light conditions
  • Train with weapon-mounted lights and lasers
  • Shoot and move, Live fire

Combat Conditioning Course (Outdoor)

  • Timed, live fire training 
  • Drag, pull, lift, carry
  • Shoot and move from various shooting stations
  • Shoot from unconventional shooting positions
  • Importance of physical fitness

Military Prep

  • Entrance qualifications for pistol and rifle
  • Offhand shooting
  • Malfunctions
  • Dry fire techniques